Digital transformation with advanced strategies

The Heart of Business Transformation

The digitisation of business processes at Costruzioni Novicrom goes beyond simple technological implementation. It is a complex concept that touches on cultural, managerial and organisational aspects. The company has embarked on this path to optimise the effectiveness of its activities, evolve continuously and maintain a competitive advantage.

The pillars of change

Digital technologies are fundamental in the transformation of Costruzioni Novicrom. The company focuses on identifying and adopting the most effective solutions to consolidate its digital transformation journey. This includes the integration of new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and waste.

Construction Novicrom drives digital transformation with advanced strategies, integrating technologies to optimise operations and remain competitive.

Through a modern IT structure and digital applications, the company promotes the synergy between offline and online dimensions, offering tangible benefits such as reduced errors and increased data security.

What are the tangible benefits of our digitisation process?


The reduction of manual operations and errors


Increased data security and traceability


Reduction of paper and related costs


Keep the IT structure constantly up to date


Fluidity and information sharing


Information network optimization


Better customer service


Traceability of all operations

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Cyber Security

Digital transformation with advanced strategies

The Foundation of Cyber Security in Costruzioni Novicrom

Managing cyber security for Costruzioni Novicrom essentially means ensuring the protection of information assets and, therefore, the security of the company’s computer data. To ensure proper and adequate management of computer data, activities, roles and competences may be different, but any Cyber Security strategy is always based on three fundamental principles that must be researched.


It means ensuring that data and resources are preserved from possible use or access by unauthorised parties. Confidentiality must be ensured throughout all phases of the data’s life: from its storage, during its use or its transit through a network.


Integrity, or rather the ability to maintain the veracity of data and resources and ensure that they are not altered or deleted in any way, except by authorised persons.


It refers to the possibility for authorised parties to be able to access the resources they need for a set time and in an uninterrupted manner. This means preventing service interruptions and ensuring that infrastructure resources are ready for the proper delivery of what is required.


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