Social Sustainability

Our Path to Sustainability

Construction Novicrom is strongly committed to promoting social equity through tangible actions and innovations.

What actions have been taken?

Adoption “A Vicinanza”

This is an inclusion project for children and young people with autism in which – together with Ora per “Dopodomani APS” and adhering to “I Bambini delle fate” – it allows young people to spend their days in a serene environment teaching them the necessary notions to carry out a profession allowing them to be placed in the world of work. C.N. has been participating in the project for 5 years now and every month provides support so that the youngsters can be placed in some farms, working together with the School for Training Work in Agriculture

Training Academy

In order to be able to give something tangible back to the territory C.N. created two training academies. One together with the GTI Academy in which it enables needy or unemployed persons to retrain themselves by developing the skills to be re-employed. A second on technology/process/mechanics topics aimed at direct insertion of participants into the world of work The participants were able to learn typical tasks in the sector in a direct way and this led to 50% of the participants being directly employed (with a permanent contract).

Company reorganisation

a. Attention to pink quotas and emphasis on female employees
b. Distribution of responsibilities and move from pyramid logic to a horizontal one: leaner teams, abolition of the ‘boss’ and creation of the coordinator, a role no longer just of decision-making, but of support and development for people.

Restructuring and the increased focus on pink quotas have led to their presence even in atypical roles for a company in this sector. Furthermore, the abolition of the figure of the boss has led not only to a greater distribution of responsibilities, but also to greater collaboration of all resources and, consequently, also to the introduction of new innovative ways of solving problems.

Environmental Sustainability

Our Path to Sustainability

Definition of and Commitment to a Sustainable Business Model

The definition of a sustainable company for Costruzioni Novicrom can be expressed as a commitment to a responsible business model, whose aim is to ensure sustainable development with a strong focus on the health of the planet and the social and economic well-being of people. The meaning of corporate sustainability, therefore, goes beyond the environmental impact of a company, because it also considers the well-being of society.

For Costruzioni Novicrom, environmental commitment includes all the innovations and virtuous processes developed to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

Our Path
towards sustainability

Ethical and resource-saving
Management Control Awareness
Strategic data & target driven

By 2025 5% reduction in our site EnKPI (TEP/hour machine load)
By 2025 2% reduction in local-based emissions
By 2030 40% reduction in market-based emissions

• Replaced plastic cups with paper cups in beverage dispensers
• Completed installation of lighting fixtures in processing departments and office areas
• Optimised electricity consumption in production departments by switching devices on and off
• Started collecting rainwater via special storage tanks
• Installation of drinking water fountains

• Definition of medium-term emission reduction targets
• Optimisation of the process water recovery process with consequent reduction of energy consumption

• Definition of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
• Partial conversion of company fleet to Hybrid

• Engagement of Energy Manager and preparation of Energy Diagnosis baseline year 2019
• Start-up of process water recovery process via evaporator

Use of electricity meters

A multi-year plan has been launched to replace the lighting fixtures in the processing departments and in those for office use

Installation and commissioning of 380 kW of photovoltaics on roofs

What are the expected benefits
of the route taken?

Reduction and Control of Operating Energy Expenses
Improvement of its Reputation towards the Environment
Positive impact on Climate and Local Communities
Customer portfolio loyalty and acquisition of greater attractiveness
Speed of adaptation to future climate measures required
Reduction and Control of Operating Energy Expenses

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Our Path
towards sustainability

Ethics as a Pillar of Corporate Growth

It is the company’s conviction that ethics in business processes is a key element in the development of quality and competitiveness. This vision is based on the conviction that an ethical approach can catalyse the company’s growth in a sustainable balance, taking into account not only economic aspects, but also social and environmental ones.

The Role of the Corporate Social Function

Today more than ever, the social function of a company is a key evaluation criterion. Indeed, a company is considered not only for its economic performance, but also for its social and environmental impact. In this context, ethics in business management emerges as an indispensable tool to guarantee correct behaviour, loyalty and social integrity.

Corporate Code of Ethics and Organisation Model

The Company has adopted a Code of Business Ethics with the aim of clearly delineating which behaviours are considered acceptable and which are not, promoting the former and discouraging the latter. This tool is essential to ensure a working environment based on mutual respect and fairness.

The Company has also adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model aimed at preventing the risks of offences being committed and limiting their possible impact, in the event that unlawful acts are committed by fraudulently circumventing it.


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